Fundraising is really important these days for schools and sports organizations that need to raise money. Whether your group needs extra funds for a special trip, or training gear and equipment for your soccer team. Sugarplum Desserts wants to make your fundraising campaign easier. Gourmet cookie dough and premium baked cheesecakes are a great way to raise money for your group.

What products do you offer?

Straight from Sugarplum Desserts’ kitchen, we offer gourmet cookie dough in 8 flavours; including Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Pecan Milk Chocolate, Rainbow M&M, Shortbread, Skor Chocolate, Triple Chocolate, and White Chocolate Macadamia. In addition, we now offer premium baked cheesecakes in 4 flavours, including Chocolate, New York, Strawberry, and Turtle cheescake.

From 3lb pails or convenient pre-portioned boxes of cookie dough, to delicious baked cheesecakes, you can provide your group with the best products available.

Sugarplum has over 30 years experience making baked goods that their customers feel good about and love to indulge in.

Do you provide materials to help us with our fundraiser?

We will help your fundraising campaign get started with all of the sell sheets and fundraising ideas you’ll need to put on a successful fundraiser.

How much money can we make?

The secret to a successful fundraiser is to maximize your earnings. Sugarplum Desserts provides up to 50% commission on all items, which means that your fundraisers can make the most out of every sale. Just $100 in sales, could earn your program $50 in profits. With your whole team of fundraisers involved, you can do the math it’s that easy!

If your goal is to raise $1,500 dollars, you would need to sell approximately 200 units. If you have 20 fundraisers, that would mean, each person would have to sell 10 units each to reach that goal.

Why should we choose Sugarplum Desserts?

The answer is clear. When you choose Sugarplum Desserts as your fundraising partner, you’ll quickly find out that our cookie dough and cheesecakes can really help you raise a lot more money.

We make fundraising easy!