Get Started

1. Contact us

Please contact us to give us the dates you want your products delivered so we can schedule your fundraiser.

Contact Us

2). Distribute fundraising materials to your group

As soon as we’ve scheduled your fundraiser we will send you sell sheets for you to distribute to your group members. Be sure to give your group members a deadline to turn in the forms.  Allow enough time for your group leader to submit the order to Sugarplum at least two weeks in advance of the delivery date.

3). Group members get as many orders as possible

We recommend having group members collect the money from friends, family, colleagues and neighbors at the time they take the order. This way, when the group leader submits the order and pays, you will have already collected the money for all your products. Groups generally make $25 for every $100 of products sold.

4). The group leader will submit the order to Sugarplum Desserts

When you are ready to place your group’s order, we will send you a link to our on-line group order form. Remember that products are sold by the full case.  For example, if your group members sold a total of 5 Circus Circus pails of cookie dough, you would need to order 1 case of Circus Circus pails. Orders must be submitted 2 weeks before delivery date.

5). Pick up, or receive delivery, of products

Pick up at our factory is free, or if you want the products delivered we will schedule a truck and bill you separately for this (fee starts around $150). Note: Many groups do not have large freezer storage so will usually schedule the pick up, or delivery, for the same day they have asked group members to pick up their products.

6). Group members deliver our delicious desserts to all the happy customers

Group members then contact the friends, family, colleagues and neighbors they sold to, and deliver the desserts.

7). Raise the Funds

Looking for a hassle free personalized Fundraiser, then click on the link above for more info