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There’s nothing like the taste (and quality) of home.

All our products are made in BC, and certified by the Safe Quality Food Institute to the highest standards. So they go through some pretty tough inspections before they ever get to pass the taste test in BC homes. As a proud partner with the Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC, Sugarplum is also committed to using locally grown ingredients as much as possible – for their excellent quality and to help grow the BC food industry. It’s a good place we’re coming from.


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BFF Snack Bars – Buy BC Certified

A more fruitful (and smarter) way to snack – our new BFF Bar.

Now there’s a way to cure hunger pangs without guilt pangs. Our new fruit-based snack bars have more fruit content than most, so you get more natural goodness and fibre in every delicious bite. All-natural ingredients like 100% apples, raspberries, bananas and unbleached whole wheat flour – with no added sugar, artificial flavours or chemical additives of any kind – make them today’s wise choice for school lunches, picnics, sporting events or between-meal snacks. Why not make  our BFF your BFF?